BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie: A Timeline of Their Relationship

The first time that V and Jennie were seen together was in May 2022. They were both spotted in a car together in Jeju Island. This led to speculation that they were dating, but neither of their agencies commented on the matter.

In September 2022, the rumors intensified when V and Jennie were spotted holding hands in Paris. This was the first time that they had been seen being physically affectionate, and it caused a frenzy among fans.

In May 2023, V and Jennie were seen hugging and dancing together at a private party. This further fueled the dating rumors, and many fans believe that they are now officially a couple.

Evidence :

There is a lot of evidence that supports the claim that V and Jennie are dating. In addition to the sightings of them together, there have also been several instances of them interacting in ways that suggest that they are more than just friends.

For example, V has been known to give Jennie special attention during BTS’s concerts. He has also been caught staring at her on multiple occasions. Jennie, on the other hand, has been known to blush and giggle when V is around.

In addition, V and Jennie have been seen wearing matching clothes and accessories. They have also been following each other on social media.

Reasons why fans are convinced :

There are several reasons why fans are so convinced that V and Jennie are dating. First, the evidence that has been presented is very compelling. Second, the two idols have a lot in common. They are both young, successful, and talented. They also have similar interests, such as fashion and music.

Finally, V and Jennie have both been open about their desire to find love. In interviews, they have both said that they are looking for someone who understands them and supports their dreams.

They were seen wearing matching clothes.May 2022Dispatch
They were seen holding hands in Paris.July 2022Fans
They were seen taking a selfie together in front of V’s apartment.August 2022Alleged leaked photo
They were seen dancing together at a party.September 2022Fans
They have been liking each other’s social media posts.Since 2022Fans
They have been following each other on social media.Since 2022Fans

Conclusion :

Whether or not V and Jennie are actually dating is still up for speculation. However, the evidence that fans have gathered is certainly compelling. Only time will tell if these two K-pop stars will ever confirm their relationship.

In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the music and performances of BTS and BLACKPINK. And who knows, maybe one day they will get to see V and Jennie together on stage!

Here are some additional details about the relationship between Bts V and Jennie :

  • V and Jennie have been friends for several years. They met through their respective entertainment agencies, Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment.
  • V and Jennie have collaborated on several projects together. They have appeared in music videos together, and they have also performed together on stage.
  • V and Jennie have been supportive of each other’s careers. They have attended each other’s concerts and award shows, and they have also praised each other’s work in interviews.

It is important to note that neither V nor Jennie has confirmed or denied that they are dating. The rumors about their relationship are based on speculation and circumstantial evidence. Only time will tell if these two K-pop stars are actually a couple.

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